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gala =deliziosa

Gala created  a perfectly grand "raisson d'etre diary" , explaining that it is possible to make beautiful erotica. I am one who appreciates 'gush', and she offers it up abundantly. Wetness, and you can certainly Hear it too, is glorious, up there with 'shower of sparks in the head & hard, vocal,  bucking orgasms =pure things of beauty'. One psychologist said the moments after an orgasm are the sanest any of us can possibly feel. We certainly do need to do away with the word, 'masturbation' which is moribund stigma. Any suggestions on this 'new term' for the most important event in our lives on this forlorn sea of existence?
I have one. An Italian word I picked up in "La Rondine" by Puccini : "Deliziosa"
used by Roberto Alagna to describe the object of his affections in this opera, to his lovely wife, Angela Georghiu.


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