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Antoinette, & Mostrina

Again i find myself engaged in an intimate emotional experience with what i am looking at on the screen and my eyes go beyond that screen and i am there with the model experiencing her emotions as if they were mine.

Antoinette has an extremely interesting face, i cold talk to that face for hours, however, I would rather she do all the talking. I am up in years and have become rather bored with the sound of my voice.

it was a wonderful experience and i enjoyed the ride emencely.

The commentator on Mostrina pick out the most interesting attribute to the "Mostrina Experience". what a delightful girl. her smile is unbelievebly captivating. I found myself smiling with her.

It is obvious that her mind is work all the time and as the commentator I'd give anything to know what she is on her mind. And yes iI am aware that some of it is playing to the camera but it is still fetiching and adorable.

At one poin tshe is in the better party of her experience and suddenly she gets a thought and she goes off and enjoys that moment without losing a beat turns her head and smiles and goes back to the moment

Abbey Winters and all your models thank you so much for the great pleasure you have brought into my life. I have never been in love with so many women in my life. Love you all.
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Re: Antoinette, & Mostrina

I think you are mixing your sites up, we aren't Abby Winters.


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