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Lady Lou is amazing

Lady Lou has gotten only lightly scattered tribute on the forum and I have to assume this is only because anyone who tries to think about her and her work won't have hands free to type. But she really does merit some kudos for producing a collection of great videos to which we should all hope she decides to add more.

The reasons for her excellence are many and one wants to do justice to them all, but a few should really be emphasized. For one thing, she doesn't shave. Members of this site have said much in praise of bushes and unshaved underarms, but there are some women on whom those things look particularly attractive and she is one such woman. Lady Lou's style is in fact generally badass. She accessorizes very well even in the nude.

She also has that innocent, cute sort of beauty that is very pleasant tinge upon the not so innocent performances she gives. Among all of the women who have appeared on this site, she easily has one of the most beautiful faces.

And that's not to mention one of the most beautiful bodies. Lady Lou shows off her ass to especially fine effect in Power Up 1. The size, roundness, and smoothness of her behind look utterly perfect.

Last but not least, she sounds great when she masturbates. Sound is an element that should never be overlooked in the context of sex, and she does a great job using her voice to convey her pleasure.

Lady Lou, if you're reading this, do you plan on doing more videos? Also, how have men, or women for that matter, responded to your obviously wise decision not to shave? Society's reactions to that stylistic decision are often hilariously absurd. How did you begin to get involved in this site?

Your performances are erotic, fun, and unique. Bravo!


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